Dimitri Lukin is playable character in Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer as a sovier soldier turned Resistance (As he was found out that Guba is doing this for himself and not for Soviet Union).Before the whole incident he was a Spetnatz in Afganistan.He was kicked out of Spetnatz due to insoubordination and booted to the private stationed at Kolgujev (he is amongside rare soldiers that had previous combat experience),he is sent to invade Everon,during the invasion he often argues with his Captain because of Captain's lack of combat experience,he is also fond of Everon Freedom Aliiance (Resistance) seening as if the driver of Ural is killed and Captain gets the wheels he says after his Captain says "Why are they fighting,they know they can't win" witch he responds "The same reason we do,this is their home and they will fight for the death for it".He also takes important rebel locations in witch he gets commands.He also escorts a VIP (Secretary Angelina) trought rebel invested Everon (he gets promotion for this).He also shoots down some NATO helicopters and optionally raids the rebel HQ and gets some files.He then appears on invasion in Malden taking a beachhead and many important towns.He gets promoted back to Spetnatz.He is later convinced by rebels that Guba is doing this for himself and not for Soviet Union and he then joins the resistance sabotaging russian assets and paving a way for NATO invasion

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